Present in all high technology sectors, 8 Star Electronics has acquired an excellent reputation for quality and services in distributing and importing electronic components with many large OEMs through:
* An international distribution network
* A department specialized in tracing specific, obsolete and hard to find items
* Quick delivery in 24 hours around the world
* A powerful computerized system
* Very competitive price

                                   All our products are RoHS, CE and FCC certified and 80% clients place repeat orders from us. The best design and finest quality is always our pursuit. Prompt delivery and reasonable price are also our advantage which has earned trust and respect of our customers.       Care life and environment. We only provide the most eco products for our customers
AY0438-I/P UPC741C UPC3423C UCN5826B UDN2965W-2 UAA1041B ULN2803P S-817A14ANB-CUD-T2 MC145554DW M27C64A-20F6 M5M51008FP-55H MAX148BCAP-T MC145151P2 MC68HC11L1FU M5M51008AVP-10VLL CW39NC60VD S-80735SN-DZ-T1 JA3202-PS-A03 JD1000031B HC9Q5539C(R1809-5A) IRF1010E CY7B9920-5SC U6316B UDN2955W IRG4PH40UDPBF IS42S16400B-7TL ILD66-257 IC42S16400-7TG IC42S32400-7T IR225B IRFP31N50LPBF IR2113S ICP-N70 ILD610-4 IRF840APBF UDN2916EB UDN2952B UPC1094G UVWXYZ1234 UDN2961B ULQ2004L UDN2540B UCN4821A UDN2955W UCN5895 UA776IN UCN2068B UDQ2543EB UDN2993LB ULN2801A